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Friday, July 31, 2009

Questionable Content crapup

Hey I figured since QC is sort of like a webcomic Soap Opera, I'd try to do a wrap up every few comics. Here we go!

Quick Break from the Soft World crap

This is probably the best thing I ever put on youtube.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Harder World #4

Original Comic:http://www.asofterworld.com/*.*

I'm not sure if my goal here was to make worse comics or better comics anymore.

A Harder World #3

Original Comic:http://www.asofterworld.com/*.*

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Harder World

Original Comic:http://www.asofterworld.com/(they're all sort of the same)

Granted a real parody would be a google image/live journal markov chain script, though I hope you'll settle for this instead.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Only putting in as much work as randall on this one

original comic:http://xkcd.com/610/

Monday, July 13, 2009

Experiment 2

Original Comic: http://xkcd.com/609/

Another blog post comic! This is particularly horrible because he wants to convey being really drawn into this website. Except with his art style he can't convey anything, so here are a ton of panels to convey passage of time.

Even with that out of the way, the punchline still manages to involve Rick Rolling. If I had non-stop t-shirt sales and worship at a certain place on the internet, I sure as fuck wouldn't start nosing around to see if anything I made jokes about was popular anymore or not.

Essentially here what this comic should have been:
"Subject: SO MANY TABS
I've been browsing http://tvtropes.org/ tvtropes all day now! I just can't pull myself away from it. I wish I could remember who linked me to it, it's like rickrolling but I'm stuck here all day, what a devious troll!"

Look, I even maintained all the original content and still it a little more interesting/funny. Granted "look at this funny link" is still the most derivative shit on the Internet. I guess this is the double edged sword of having a webcomic, when you run out of ideas/creativity you're gonna make your comic about shit on the Internet, which is probably the most boring subject for a comic strip ever.

Not to be too much of a websnob, but the point of Rick Rolling wasn't ever that you were STUCK watching it in amazement(even though this could easily happen), it was that you expected something and got something else.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lookouts Part 5


Oliver Grigsby has produce a piece of art so fantastic, so new, so avant, that even he, as it's author, has failed in explaining what it's about. It's pretty obvious that the Lookouts isn't about some Spartan culling of the weak. I mean that doesn't even make sense. The kids can kill the basilisk and open up the Northern Reach with barely no help. How does seeing their friend die make them harder?

It's so much a "pretty fucked up way of living" that a reader would never infer it, and a good writer would never come up with it. No, that hypothesis either proves that this guy actually didn't write this, was just high, or wrote something and decided to pin a different meaning on it so he could name drop something he just read. Why would three recruits not watching their friend get gibbed condemn the entire tribe?

Alternatively if we just up and rip off an episode of the Twilight Zone(or was it outer limits?) we can say they are appeasing the beasts of the forest by letting them get a kid once in awhile. This makes the "We are servants of the forest" and "by letting the boy live you have condemned us all" lines make more sense, and it additionally makes the final panel look like the basilisks are fucking pissed over the disobedience.

Normal Approach

Original Comic:http://xkcd.com/55/

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Original Comic:
xkcdsucks reminded me of this old gem.

An experiment

Going back to an argument you probably lost, or couldn't properly close the deal on, by writing a webcomic where you destroy a poor simp in public, is probably the most horrendous thing possible. I converted this awful comic into an IRC log and forum post because there's really nothing funny to be wringed out of it. It's just sort of depressing to see a guy who we have to assume loves what he does, does what he wants, and can make a living off of it making something so petty. Beyond that, it's dated and not really even about anything anyone cares about.

As an IRC log

DUMMY DUMB DUMB:Idiocracy is so true.
RANDALL THE FUCKING GENIUS:I know, right? It used to be that the intelligent upper classes had more children. Sadly, the recent reversal of this trend has dragged IQ scores and average education steadily downward.
DUMMY DUMB DUMB:Depressing, huh?
RANDALL THE FUCKING GENIUS:Yeah, except everything I just said was wrong.
RANDALL THE FUCKING GENIUS:Wrong. False. The opposite of True.
RANDALL THE FUCKING GENIUS:You're like the religious zealots who are burdened by their superiority with the sad duty of decrying the obvious moral decay of each new generation, and you're just as wrong.
DUMMY DUMB DUMB:But look at how popular--
RANDALL THE FUCKING GENIUS:More harm has been done by people panicked over societal decline than societal decline ever did.
DUMMY DUMB DUMBLook -- all we need is a program that limits breeding to --
RANDALL THE FUCKING GENIUS quit (New theory: stupid people reproduce more because the alternative is sleeping with you.)

As a forum post:
Idiocracy is so true.
I know, right? It used to be that the intelligent upper classes had more children. 
Sadly, the recent reversal of this trend has dragged
 IQ scores and average education steadily downward

Depressing, huh?

Yeah, except everything I just said was wrong.


Wrong. False. The opposite of True.
You're like the religious zealots who are burdened by their superiority with the 
sad duty of decrying the obvious moral decay of each new generation,
 and you're just as wrong.

But look at how popular--

More harm has been done by  people panicked over societal decline than societal decline ever did.

Look -- all we need is a program that limits breeding to --

New theory: stupid people reproduce more because the alternative is sleeping with you.


Adaptions of other comics probably fall under parody or something, or maybe the guys who make them could not be total fucking dicks.