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Monday, July 13, 2009

Experiment 2

Original Comic: http://xkcd.com/609/

Another blog post comic! This is particularly horrible because he wants to convey being really drawn into this website. Except with his art style he can't convey anything, so here are a ton of panels to convey passage of time.

Even with that out of the way, the punchline still manages to involve Rick Rolling. If I had non-stop t-shirt sales and worship at a certain place on the internet, I sure as fuck wouldn't start nosing around to see if anything I made jokes about was popular anymore or not.

Essentially here what this comic should have been:
"Subject: SO MANY TABS
I've been browsing http://tvtropes.org/ tvtropes all day now! I just can't pull myself away from it. I wish I could remember who linked me to it, it's like rickrolling but I'm stuck here all day, what a devious troll!"

Look, I even maintained all the original content and still it a little more interesting/funny. Granted "look at this funny link" is still the most derivative shit on the Internet. I guess this is the double edged sword of having a webcomic, when you run out of ideas/creativity you're gonna make your comic about shit on the Internet, which is probably the most boring subject for a comic strip ever.

Not to be too much of a websnob, but the point of Rick Rolling wasn't ever that you were STUCK watching it in amazement(even though this could easily happen), it was that you expected something and got something else.

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