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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lookouts Part 5


Oliver Grigsby has produce a piece of art so fantastic, so new, so avant, that even he, as it's author, has failed in explaining what it's about. It's pretty obvious that the Lookouts isn't about some Spartan culling of the weak. I mean that doesn't even make sense. The kids can kill the basilisk and open up the Northern Reach with barely no help. How does seeing their friend die make them harder?

It's so much a "pretty fucked up way of living" that a reader would never infer it, and a good writer would never come up with it. No, that hypothesis either proves that this guy actually didn't write this, was just high, or wrote something and decided to pin a different meaning on it so he could name drop something he just read. Why would three recruits not watching their friend get gibbed condemn the entire tribe?

Alternatively if we just up and rip off an episode of the Twilight Zone(or was it outer limits?) we can say they are appeasing the beasts of the forest by letting them get a kid once in awhile. This makes the "We are servants of the forest" and "by letting the boy live you have condemned us all" lines make more sense, and it additionally makes the final panel look like the basilisks are fucking pissed over the disobedience.

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